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About Us
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What is Kommotion School?

Kommotion School was formed with a motto of “finding happiness” by helping students realize the importance of their dreams and their roles in the commotions of life. It was started as a group, turned into a society and is now a company. It was an idea, a thought and now a craze. It’s an effort to help you live a happy and fulfilling life.


Kommotion School conducts workshops of different kind in schools, colleges or any organization. From the basics to the advance, from the very light to the very intense, from the fun to the very fun students are taught the very essential. These workshops let you learn new things and help you to explore your interests.


The role of Kommotion School is to help students harness their dedication to become communicative artists, imbued with the passion and understanding to reach within themselves. Students here will b cultivated with set of skills like discipline, confidence, team work and many others which will contribute to their personality development.

“It is our mission to ignite the spark of excellence in the heart of each student, showing how technique and imagination can combine to create a world of infinite possibilities.”

Why Kommotion School?

From the moment you are ushered into Kommotion School, you will realise what you are capable of because instructors here just not only teach you, they will apprise you of what all talents you are gifted with, and will forge you embrace your inner self. Its the saying your values are reflected from where you learn, ambience here provides comfort and happiness in your work culture. Just hold some breaths in kommotion and you will see the world of your dreams coming true.

What Our Students Say About Us?


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